About Us

Winsor Packaging Industries Sdn. Bhd.

A home grown company incorporated over a decade ago, Winsor Packaging Industries Sdn Bhd is the manufacturer and supplier of all types of packaging and packing products, catering to multiple industries and segments. Producing our high quality materials from our state-of-the-art production plant and distribution centre from Desa Aman, Sg. Buloh, Selangor Daruh Ehsan . 

Embracing the role of safeguarding and protecting your products, ensuring the durable and lasting packaging utilizing our cutting edge facilities. At Winsor Packaging, the uniquely designed and produced packaging products are available to suit any types of products and materials.

Wooden Packaging:
Using latest technology capability, manned by a team of thoroughly trained specialists who have the experience and required skills and knowledge to produce high quality and timely products. Standard operating procedures are in place to ensure the entire flow of production is smooth and lean. From conceptual designs, to the creating and production up to delivery of products – all these have been recorded in our manuals.

Our Promise:
Our team is able to effectively custom make according to your products’ shapes and sizes. Our creative designer team is as eager as us to provide finest tips and designs that suit your products and branding needs regardless what types of materials selected. Contact is today, we are here to assist your packaging needs and requirements.

Winsor Products

Our forte – Wooden packaging products since 2003, we are proud to present the following wide ranging products:

  • Songket Boxes  
  • Wooden Boxes  
  • Whiskey Wooden Boxes  
  • Wooden Packaging 
  • Other Wooden Products 
  • MDF Boxes
  • Gift Box
  • Custom Wooden Box 
  • Variety of Other Type Boxes 
  • Wooden Hamper Boxes 
  • Elegant Hamper Baskets 
  • Make Up and Cosmetic Box
  • Festival Wooden Box
  • Jewellery Box 
  • Wine Wooden Box 
  • Packaging Box for Mooncakes and other Food 
  • Premium Wooden Box 
  • Boutique and Fashion Packaging